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August 25, 2015 - Comments Off on Steve Bautista, Freelance CD, Copy

Steve Bautista, Freelance CD, Copy

“Recently, I had the privilege of working with Stephen Lucier on a complex, integrated communications campaign for a large, global corporation. Right from the start, Stephen demonstrated an expert strategic focus that cut to the heart of the problem, and allowed us to design a plan of action that formed an authentic and successful conversation with the target audience across a vast array of media.

Unlike many creative directors/art directors who tend to take a view of the communications challenge respective to their crafts, Stephen is a master storyteller with a deft command of design who can marshal a formidable cache of communication tools to create a compelling bond with his audience. With a firm grasp of cutting edge technologies, he transforms all media to be both social and intuitive.

A world traveler, a man of integrity, and a communicator that sweats the smallest details, Stephen Lucier takes experiential marketing to the next level for his clients. You’d do well to use his expertise on your next project.”

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