Trust strengthens our backbones. It makes us stand upright, stare fear in the eye, pull its shorts over its head and go our own merry way. 

It’s not easy. It takes time. 

And courage.


Stephen Lucier

617 821 8786




“While working on a US client pitch, I had the opportunity to work closely with Stephen and from the first phone call, he was a great asset to our team! Very creative, good leadership, strong strategic thinking and added a ton of value to our pitch.”

—Satish Bala, CEO | Founder BlueBand Digital (BBd)


“I have worked with Stephen long enough to know that he talks it like he walks it. He has lived all over the world and brings his experiences to bear on everything he does. With a designer eye for detail and a nose for where the story is heading next. Fueled by a passionate belief in people. Not lip service. He's the real deal.”

—Kapil Kachru, Freelance Creative Director | Copy


“As the Executive Director of Stop Handgun Violence, I had the pleasure of working with Stephen on a number of initiatives. I could not have been more grateful as he truly saved one project that I had been assigned (adding on to our 252 foot billboard without specs or any other essential details), nor could I have been more impressed by his creativity and his technical skills. Stephen is incredibly committed, capable, and passionate and will add huge value to any campaign and tremendous insight to any team. I would recommend him highly without any reservation and hope to work with him again in the near future.”

—Laura Hyer, Former Executive Director | Stop Handgun Violence


“Stephen was the creative director at the first startup I worked at. As someone who was new to the tech/digital media industry I was immediately inspired by his passion and creativity. I was equally impressed by his talent as a designer/artist as I was by his business sense and I learned a great deal in a short period of time from him about design and the digital media business in general. Stephen was a great early mentor for me and is an especially great guy that would be an asset to any team/organization.”

—Julian Greco, Product Manager | Nielsen Social


“Stephen was a great manager (out of my 7 that I had at DIG) who had a deep understanding of what brands wanted and the creative vision to follow through. He taught me a lot about design and art in general and has a wide array of skills including but not limited to from HD video production and directing, to writing, to painting, and logo design. Having Stephen would be a great asset to your team as he brings an energy usually not found in the work place.”

—Jordan Reiser, UX Design | Manager at Sparks Grove, Division of North Highland–Interaction Design, Information Architecture


“Recently, I had the privilege of working with Stephen Lucier on a complex, integrated communications campaign for a large, global corporation. Right from the start, Stephen demonstrated an expert strategic focus that cut to the heart of the problem, and allowed us to design a plan of action that formed an authentic and successful conversation with the target audience across a vast array of media. 

Unlike many creative directors/art directors who tend to take a view of the communications challenge respective to their crafts, Stephen is a master storyteller with a deft command of design who can marshal a formidable cache of communication tools to create a compelling bond with his audience. With a firm grasp of cutting edge technologies, he transforms all media to be both social and intuitive. 

A world traveler, a man of integrity, and a communicator that sweats the smallest details, Stephen Lucier takes experiential marketing to the next level for his clients. You’d do well to use his expertise on your next project.”

—Steve Bautista, Freelance Creative Director | Copy


“If you want someone to be on your side, watch the details and be 100% commited to your cause, hire Steve. He loves design and he is pragmatic in his approach.”

—Bruce Rogovin, Photographer