Business savvy.

Culture driven. 


We’ve experienced a lot, in a short while.
The death of cable television. The death of print. The death of advertising. 

During this, a global shift in consciousness: 
from a "me" to "we" mentality has created tension in the identity of the World and along with it, necessity—the ever-evolving demand of pop-culture.

The mother of invention. 

The variety of my creative direction and design assignments over the past 15+ years have proved me fortunate for opportunities to provoke opinion and challenge everyday perceptions and do so in evocative ways. In particular, my years working as a freelance creative director in six countries—from both Coasts of the USA to the jungles of Sri Lanka which all have informed and influenced my thoughts on culture, experience, and design.

I have helped corporations market their products and services as well as engage with their local communities and have worked for causes ranging from environmental sustainability to women trafficking. This has all shaped my thinking as an artist and my voice as a writer. It has accelerated my adoption of new media and culminated in a humanistic approach—treating all mediums as “social.”


Alcatel·Lucent, ARM, American Express, American Cancer Society, City Year, Disney, Keurig, Liberty Mutual, E-Ink, Fidelity Investments, Harvard University, HBO, GE, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Huffington Post Investigative Fund, IBM, Newman’s Own, Novartis, Military Officer’s Assocation of America, T-Mobile



Stephen Lucier
Creative Director

T: 617 821 8786